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Networking solutions & Development Studio. Ligat Valley Networking solutions :)

In House Networking solutions


Public IP in Your Place

We have what you have been waiting for a long time !!! 

Publicly available Public IP address in your home or office.

We offer Zoneminder Video Surveillance networking on single IP
or networked /29, /28 and /27 subnets on servers that you rent and are responsible for networked.

For your money we offer value more.


Abour As & Our Services


We create CMS WordPress or Joomla websites, the choice is yours.
You want a static HTML web page, and we have a solution for that to.
You need an android app, that’s not a problem either, although we have other priorities at the moment.
We are currently working on the implementation of the small Openstack data center and see our selfs there in the future. 4G network is getting cheaper, 5G is coming, and we are ready, we already have a networking solution :).
Need a Video Stream Server? And for Live TV stream we have a solution for 1000-15000 720HD devices / users.
Didn’t we mention something? Send an inquiry, with investors, in addition to money, new ideas come …
Ante Kozina

Ante Kozina

CEO, IT Geek, Linux power user

Ligat Hosting

Networking solutions

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