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Ligat Hosting

Networking solutions & Development Studio. Ligat Valley Networking solutions :)

Website design is my part-time activity that falls under the domain of copyright agreement (example of copyright agreement) or work contract.

If you have a company or trade and you want to show business expenses, the work contract is a valid document.

Price List:

The price of creating a website is € 249

The price of creating a web store with 200 items is € 650

The price for the web portal is from € 500

The price of maintaining the website is € 9-15 per hour.

Networking is Custom order

The price of creating a YouTube channel and preparing video material is negotiable.

DSLR recording, graphics processing and photo printing by appointment.

These prices are for information only and are subject to change. If you are interested, send an e-mail with an inquiry about everything that interests you. I will answer your inquiry promptly and in detail, so that you will get an insight into everything related to the creation and maintenance of your future website.