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Ligat Hosting

Networking solutions & Development Studio. Ligat Valley Networking solutions :)

I offer a complete website solution that includes:

1. domain registration and hosting on servers that we maintain ourselves

2. Creating a “plain” HTML website, or a CMS Joomla or WordPress page

3. Login to search engines, Google, Bing

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5. advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook

6. creation of simpler banners, animated advertisements, DSLR recording and graphic processing of photos, etc.

7. integration of the website with social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

8. Website maintenance

9. Create animations and videos for YouTube channels

10. Need a Stream server for podcast, video surveillance or your private TV channel? I currently have a solution for 1000-2000 viewers simultaneously in 720HD resolution.

11. Networking is custom order